Thursday, October 11

Bloglifting Photos From Ms. Hickenbottom

The race is on and here comes embarassment in the back stretch, leg cramps are going to the inside, my tears are holding back, they're tryin' not to fall...sing it if you know it...
Here at the Vrbi, we believe that if your photos were good enuf for your blog, they're good enuf for ours. So we stole these from Lane and Sarah. So sue us!
Owen tries to connect with a new friend, while Jack snuggles with The Dad.
Owen showin' off while Jack looks on.
Jack, Dad, Mom and superfun Miss Scott.


Susan said...

Nice to know Amy does exist! I loved your pictures of Dave and Jack painting the pumpkin. Great shots!

Sarah said...

I love the top racing pic. You guys are crazy!!