Wednesday, October 3

Indian Summer

Jack and Dad spent some time after work moving some of the pumpkins from the garden to the front step. There are still seven or eight pumpkins out back that need to be moved, but they need a little more time on the vine first. (And I gave a friend about seven late last week too!)
You know it's fall when the kid is in Husker garb and the pumpkins are ready for the porch. The weather is saying anything but fall now though. It was gorge today!
Things are lookin' up...
Monkeying 'round on the pumpkin pile.
(Sounds like the line to a country song. A bad one.)
It was so nice that we took Jack's shirt off. October 3rd, you're so mild this year!
The flowers love this weather too. They're still blooming...
My favorite pumpkin is the one without a shirt on.
And Jack even had his own little mini pumpkin to play with.
Putting Baby Pumpkin in the measuring bowl.
Good photo opp. He was shirtless, the shade was great and he had a pumpkin. What better time to get a picture of a kid in a flower bed?
Goofy guy.
Straight up gangsta.
We have a hard time with pants with this boy. The 12-monthers are too tight and short, but the 18 monthers make him look like a Compton plumber. What to do? He has no butt!
What a cute guy.


Wheelers said...

Holy Cow-that's a lot of pumpkins! I love the pictures. What is it with pants? Ashton is the same way-6-9 month are too small but 12 month hang off his butt too!
Anyway-great pictures & pumpkins!

sixbehrs said...

So cute! I just want to nibble on his tummy! Nice pumpkins, too.

My kids all had that same problem--no butt. Wish I could claim that.

The Hoskovec's said...

Awesome Pumpkins! And I love your yard! You guys were good gardeners!

Baby Greenwood said...

wow! how fun to have SO many HUGE pumpkins! we'd have to spend a fortune to have those...nice that you had those right in your very own garden! great usual! :)

Peyton's Place said...

I agree, the shirtless pumpkin is my fav too! LOL!

Huggy wuggies, kissy wissies~ (?)
Auntie S

Staab Boys said...

Fabulous pictures. Jack must be having a blast!

The Lutz Family said...

FYI...The pants with adjustable straps inside work great!