Sunday, September 30

Another Wacky Weekend!

We headed back to see Granny Janny and Rick this weekend for many reasons (we'll get to those in a minute). Here, Granny's friend Betsy makes pancakes at the pancake feed put on by Granny's Kiwanis Club. It was a hit! Betsy enjoyed seeing Jack too.
Here, Granny serves a couple. I later learned that the couple here, Dennis and Janis Kisker, are the parents of one of Amy's classmates, Kurt! Didn't know that when I took the pic, so it was very coincidental! Plus, Kurt's wife, Lynette was in Daddy's catechism class in Trenton (many years ago, mind you).
So many fields, so little time! Jack really loved the tractor show at the pancake feed. Dad let him 'drive' several of the tractors! (And don't worry; I had ahold of him the entire time. You know me...)
Can't seem to get these gears right...
Not many tractor operators wear fancy Huskers jumpsuits like this on the job!
What are we going to go tractor now, Mom?
What a great farmer!

Bein' patriotic with Granny at the big Heritage Days parade. Jack was celebrating his Czech, German, Polish, Swedish and American heritage--among a lot of others (we're mutts, us Vrbi).
One of the reasons we went back was for a surprise birthday party for Granny Janny's Rick. His Uncle Marv and Aunt Dixie were the honor family for the weekend's festivities, so that was an added bonus. We went to a celebration for them on Friday night and then saw them in the parade. And, as another bonus, Dixie graduated high school with Jack's Great-Grandma Elaine!
This dog was really enjoying the parade from his perch in the window above D & D Floral. Funny stuff. He was up there through the whole parade.
Peyton, Uncle Joe and Aunt Sarah joined us at the parade, which was quite fun.
Jack just chilling by the curb.

Peyton and Jack enjoy the (windy) parade atmosphere. Jack missed his morning nap for the parade--hence the binky. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make!
Walking back to the car after the parade with Rick and Granny Janny.
Chillin' with Rick at H&R Block after the parade. We love this picture.
Jack ran right over to Rick's aunt Sue and sat on her lap briefly. We were at her house trying to cover for Rick's surprise 50th Birthday party that night in Herndon. He was definitely surprised!
I think we've proven that Jack and Rick were buddies all weekend, but just in case... Rick, at this point, still had no idea he was in for a party that night. He just invited us to have dinner with his mom and dad and thought we just took him up on it!

At the party, we got to meet Rick's brother's puppy, Pebbles. He was soft...
Sunday morning, Jack was hiding Granny's shoes under the waterbed mattress.
Playing on Granny's very soft Alpaca rug that Mommy and Daddy got for her after their wedding four years ago.
Helping Rick dismantle Granny Janny's old waterbed to make room for a new mattress bed.
Before leaving Grandma's, Jack had to play with the kitty, Hugh. The cat did not like that experience as much as Jack did. Good thing he's declawed...


Peyton's Place said...

We had such a good time with you guys at the parade this weekend! Thanks for meeting us. Looks like you guys had a very busy & fun-filled weekend. That's the cutest guy I've ever seen on a tractor!

Luv ya',
J, S & P