Thursday, July 6

Just A Note...

Okay, folks, here's the deal:

If you look at pictures of me, leave a comment on the site. My dad works hard to keep current pics on here and we have not read any comments from some of y'all. It's that simple, peeps; it's that simple.

Sorry to be so harsh. I haven't had much sleep 'cause my mom kept me up all night.

Hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe Independence Day. I know I did! It was the day I realized my independence from socks on my hands! (My dad trimmed my nails...)



Anonymous said...

PS. Jack Jack, if we bribe you with some candy, will you sleep for mommy? Be good now!
Buenos Nachos! ;)
The Witt crew

Genny Sides said...

Hey guys!

Congrats! Love looking at all the pics of Baby Jack. He's just so darn CUTE. Would love to get to meet him in person soon.

Great job keeping the page up to date.

Take care,

Genny, Addie & Ethan Sides

Susan K. said...

I was wondering if Jack was going to wear socks on his hands when he started kindergarten. I want to know how his MOM kept HIM up all night. By the way, I bought a new camera so I could take digital photos of Jack!