Monday, July 10

Trying to Reach Us?

Hey all,

My mom and dad decided to eliminate their landline phone service. It was rare that they'd get calls on that phone and when they did, it was invariably a telemarketer (yeah, great job, Do Not Call List; thanks for nothing). When the phone rings, it wakes me up and they didn't see the sense in paying for a nuisance.

If you need to reach us, use my parents' cell numbers or their eleventy e-mail addresses. If you need an address or phone number, just leave a comment here on the blog and we'll call you right away!

By the way, Mommy found out that she has two GI schools next year. She won't have to travel out of town at all, so that means more time spent with everyone's favorite Vrbi: ME! She will miss those teachers she's gotten to know over the past four years, but is looking forward to working with the folks at Knickrehm and Gates. Rawk on, Mama, rawk on.

Gracias, muchacos!