Friday, July 7

From Which Tree Did The Apple Fall?

Mama and Pops

Mommy circa 1978. The first time she ever stood up in her crib.
My mom would wake up really early in the morning, crawl out of bed and get on her rocking horse. She would rock for hours until Grandpa Tom and Granny Janny got out of bed.
My Mommy.
Manners weren't my Dad's forte at this point. But with Grandma Peterson's yummy chocolate cake, who could resist just diggin' in?
For Pops, everyday was Halloween.
My dad wishes he had a shirt just like this right now.
So, now you've seen my parents in their (much much) younger days. Who do I most resemble? I know it's early to tell for sure, but it's fun to see what people say. Dad says he looks like Mom's side. What do you think? Leave a comment, m' ninjas!
-- JP


Anonymous said...

Well..thats a tough question umm... I think he looks like both of you... He has Amy's eyes and her head but he has Dave's chin and ears. But either way he is deffinately the cutest lil boy ever!!

Daddy Dave said...

I see Mommy's side of the family a lot, but I still think you look just like one person: Jack Parker. If I'm forced to vote which of us he looks most like, it's hands-down MOMMY. But she's cute too, so you can't go wrong there...



Jessica said... about the best of both worlds. He looks like BOTH of you. So....cute....can't....resist.....cuteness

Anonymous said...

Hes just the perfect combination of both of you. Congrats to you both and to Jack for having such awesome parents !

Anonymous said...

Well, I see an awful lot of his mama... but just wait... things will change right before your eyes & you won't even know it! Kiss that little cutie for me... Luv Aunt Sarah

Susan said...

I thought when I first saw him that he really looked like Dave. I still can see Dave when I look at his pictures. However, I found some old pictures of Amy at 11 days old. He does kind of resemble her. By the way, at five weeks I see where Amy lost of lot of her hair (mainly on the top). Good luck with that Jack!
I seem to also have lots of pictures of Amy on that horse. I remember it well. She also had an earlier horse. Jack will need one.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Jack- I would say you look like your Mommy! When I first saw you I thought you looked like both, but over time you look more and more like her. I can't wait to see what we all think in a couple months! You are going to change so much! Take care of your parents! I know it's tough work, but your pretty good at it!
Aunt Missy