Friday, July 7

An Update From JP

So, yesterday was interesting. Wednesday night, I decided I wanted to be up all night and continued that trend all day yesterday. My mom was a wreck. Luckily, Cousin Tori was here and could relieve my Mama a bit so she could grab a little shut-eye.

Last night, after Daddy got done mowing and got home from playing volleyball with Tori, I had my first mama's-milk bottle. It was AWESOME! I got that milk fast and finished it off in no time flat. I wanted more, but it wasn't necessary, so my dad held me so my Mama could get some more sleep. She slept five full hours in a row and you'd have thought she had slept for a million years she was so ecstatic! Daddy slept in the recliner because he knew he wouldn't make it all the way to the bedroom with me before I woke up. So, at 3:30 when I woke up in the Pack N Play in the living room, I woke my dad so he move to the bed. He's so crazy.

Here are some pictures of me yesterday. Notice my eyes are wide open in most of them.

This weekend when they have time, my mom and dad are going to post pics of themselves when they were babies. You'll be able to vote on who I most resemble.
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Catcha later,

JP (Squirrely Bird)

Dad and me passed out on Wednesday night. Guess where I got my double chin?

Nice try, Dad. Bedtime lotion, schmedtime schmotion!

My first mama's-milk bottle.

Can you tell I've been awake for a while?

Tori and me in my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

What a lil cutie!!!