Wednesday, July 5

Jack's First Independence Day

America ... Heck Yeah!!!

Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Haag meet Jack.

Little baby boy, big baby boy: Jack and Matthew.

Four generations of Vrbi.

Jack meets Great-Granny Vrbas

Cousins Gone Wild!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you got those perfect shots of Kenna! Kudos to you-"photographer of the month!" Tee hee! Well, we already miss Jack-Jack (& his 'rents too, of course), maybe we can come back up to G.I. and see you guys again next time. Hugs & kisses... ~Crazy aunt Sarah

Anonymous said...

Jack, what did you think of the fireworks? You are getting bigger every day!
I want to come play in your Jump Castle!!!
Be good and sleep lots!!
Stephanie K-W and the Witt crew

JP said...

I didn't get much firework action last weekend. I was preoccupied with sleeping, eating and pooing. A pretty full weekend to say the least. I did hear my Uncle Joe freaking out about how cool the 'zingers' were, but Daddy's a freak about fireworks, so I wasn't allowed within a mile from them. He's wacky that way.

Take care,