Friday, July 21

Jack Hosts a Fam Jam

Ahhh, TEAM!
Mama's hand, Jack's hand, Great-Grandma's hand, Granny Janny's hand.

Jack and George get acquainted.

"Here's lookin' at you, Gramps..."

I'm so glad we're finally meeting, Grandma Edna.

Jack's Great-Grandpa George and Great-Grandma Edna.

I like my Aunt Susan. And she takes great pictures!

I like to exercise during four-generation photos.

Granny Janny and me.

Auntie Em and I like to hang out.

My uncle Dan and his girlfriend, Amber, brought me some wicked duds from Old Navy. Aren't those two cute?

All the photos were taken by Aunt Susan. (Except the one taken OF Aunt Susan, of course.)