Thursday, July 20

Subliminal Message about the New Look (Makeunder)

We're going with a new look here at VRBI (I was bored), because the old look was good (debatable), but not great (because I picked it) and the background (blue was what we chose when we found out we were having Jack and not Ava; how predictable) caused issues with some folks' computers (time for an update?).

The new look (sort of boring) allows me to upload photos faster (depending on my attitude and level of technical ineptitude on that particular day or during that particular moment), which means more photos and stories (there are never enough, are there?) for fans of the site (junkies).

We hope the new look (bland) doesn't cause hemorrhaging (if it does, you need a life) or unrest (take a valium) among our family members (crazy people), closest friends (they HAVE to be crazy if they voluntarily hang with us, right?) and allies (the French, Canadians and French-Canadians).

One request (shameless, aren't I?): If you have pictures of Jack (the cutest baby in the world) with relatives (allow me to reiterate: crazy people), please send them (e-mail will do) to Daddy Dave (your wonderful moderator) so he can post them (slowly but surely).

We feel really bad (as much as our weak consciences will let us, anyway; we have consciences as wide as hell sometimes) that our camera (Kodak EasyShare compact) has not a single picture (good or otherwise) of Grandma Elaine (Grandma Cutie Pants) with Jack (let me stress again: the cutest baby in the whole world). We're sorry. (We're schmucks!)

Upcoming VRBI posts:

A comparison of Jack and His Mommy; photos circa 1978 and photos of Jack-Jack
Aunt Susan's excellent photography of their stay with us

Cute pictures of Amy when she was a kid

AND RIGHT NOW: This is a desperate plea for my family members (mother and grandmothers) to unearth photos of me when I was a newborn. Now, get to lookin'! Chop-chop!