Monday, July 10

Some Pics

Sneezy fo' sheezy.

My mini mullet.

So tired, so gassy...

I don't get why my dad sometimes calls me 'Mr. Squishes'.

My cousin Tori and I had fun last week. Here she is laughing at me as I enjoy tummy time.

Pinky swear...


Anonymous said...

That's a flashy pinky swear you have there, Jack Jack!
You have a new friend in Texas, granny Witt has a new grandson and I have a new nephew as of yesterday, and his name is Tyler James. We haven't met him yet but we bet he is just as cute as you are. (Maybe cuter, but we're probably biased.) :-)
Be good now, and sleep lots,
Adios, Amigo
Stephanie K-W and the Witt crew