Friday, November 28

Thanksgiving Deuce Aught Aught Ocho

I'm poaching photos from Missy's blog for much of this post. My new camera's charger is still missing, so I've been using the old one. I wasn't in the mood to photograph at all on Thxgiving though. Here, Cynthia, me and Sarah chill before din-din.
Jack was running around outside and we took his c'boy hat in order to get his hood on. Later, during dessert time, he decided to double-top his noggin.

Keith and Jack were buddies that day. They were impressed by each other's boots.

Heidi, Jared, me, Tor-Bug and Sawyer Brown Jane Rotter Vrbas after lunch. Do we look full? (Hint: we were.)
Later, we ran back to Palestine, then hoofed it two blocks over to Missy's. Jacob and I were buddies that day. He would NOT let me put him down. I was okay with that.
Breaking news: Jack is adorable and handsome.
Yee-haw! I played horse for the c'boy. For some reason, the other kids thought I would go faster if they spanked me. Hint: It didn't work at all.
Jack and Joe traded hats. Jack didn't want to return Joe's hat though.

This afternoon, we decorated our house for Christmas. I'm still using the old camera, mind you, so this pick through the front door didn't turn out as good as I'd have liked but I think it's still kinda rad. We put the tree right in the large triple-window area. It looks great from the street. Many others concur with me on that one.
I took this photo of Jack by the tree without flash so it would show the lights more. Didn't realize until later that he was playing with Maya's angel ornament. How sweet.
We're going to have to work on keeping him away from the ornaments. Wasn't a problem at all last year but this holly-day season he's messing with all the ornaments and pulling them off the tree. Not gonna work for me...

Happy Holidays, Blog Readers!
-- The Vrbi --


Cheryl said...

That close up of Jack is perfect, he really is a handsome boy! And that "glowy" one with him and the Christmas tree is really cool! I'm glad you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a large crowd at my mom's too, lots of good food and family. Sadly, Kori and Zach didn't get to come home because of work, darn it.

Staab Boys said...

Your tree look gorgeous! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving.