Monday, November 17

Halloween 2008...Like, Two Weeks Later

Okay, I know I'm behind on posting, but we've been getting settled in good. Here is our annual Halloween post...just before Thanksgiving! Here, Jack is admiring TiLynn's Halloween Stew thingymabob. Blogger is doing some funky stuff with the order in which photos appear so bear with me, alright?
Obvs Jack was Thomas the Tank Engine. He picked it out the day we were at the mall. Pretty simple costume. Nothing uncomfortable or complicated. Just the way we like it 'round here.
This picture was s'posed to be first, and it is of TiLynn giving Jack a bag of popcorn goodies.
And this one was s'posed to be at the very end. We visited Jace's house to see him and steal some of his parent's candy. He had a 'leg up' on us.
Here is Jace's mommy answering the door for Thomas.
Checking out the loot.
He found the Skittles immediately and subsequently, there was some tasting of the rainbow.
So many jack-o'-lanterns, so little time.

More tomorrow and for the rest of the week! We'll tell ya all about the big move too!


Bley's Blog said...

I agree with the simple and comfortable! He was a cute Thomas, and it looks like he had fun!