Tuesday, November 18

Moving And Other Stuff

We hit the road on Saturday, November 1, with Joe, Heidi, Tori and Daniel coming that morning to help us load up. I had loaded almost all the boxes by the time they got there, but it still took until mid-afternoon to get everything else on the U-Haul. We also loaded up the back of a large flatbed trailer Joe brought. We quickly came to the conclusion that we have too much stuff. And if that weren't enough, our stuff is way too damn heavy! Above, Sabrina and Larissa load food into the pantry--my very favorite room in the house. No...seriously...it's awesome.
Nancy helped out by getting some of the kitchen organized and contact paper in the drawers. Jack and I came back to Palisade by ourselves because Mommy wasn't quite done with her contract. So we definitely appreciated all the help we received.
Here, Sarah helps me put toys away while Peyton does her best to play with every single last one of them before they're put in the bins.
Here's Rodney on top of our roof doing some insulation. He spent a good week at our house with Uncle Joe getting some much-needed stuff done.
I'm not kidding when I say that these two are like peas and carrots.
Ummm...I rest my case...
I love this photo for two reasons: 1) the two kids in the photo are totes adorb and 2) you can see the woodwork in the house. It's in great shape, has never been painted in 100+ years and looks rad.
Yeah, Jack has been in kind of a cowboy hick phase since moving back. I'm not sure if that's coincidence or second nature, but it's sure been cute! Here he is sleeping in his boots because he refused to take them off. The other night he was begging me to let him wear his hat to bed. The answer was 'no' every time he asked, so you know...
Last year, we couldn't get him to wear any mittens or hats. This year, we can't get him to take them off! You're gonna notice some greenish-shaggish carpet in some of these pics. It's in good shape but way ugg. I call it our Spinach Artichoke Dip Carpet.
Since we're here in town, I'd like to shamelessly plug another family business. Earlier, I photo'd Rodney from RJ Construction, and now I'd like to highlight JC's Computers who bring us this coffee mug and the internet we use to post to this blog. And the photos are taken by none other than the guy who needs to get the photoshop software figured out on his computer, a building cleared out and his biz set up downtown in the next week or two. There, three plugs in one.
Luke came down and saw us on Sunday. The next day, Jack's mom went to work and worked with Luke's dad. It's a small world.
Yes, he wore that hat all day--but not in church, 'cause that'd be rude.
I'm pretty sure this was the night he begged to wear the hat to bed.
Sittin' in the book trunk...bein' a dude...all in a day's work...
Some people call me the space cowboy...cuz I wear my jammers and hat and shoot varmints with a bubble gun.


Dax and Ian said...

Glad to see some updates from the Vrbi! :) Amy, email me with an update on things when you get a free minute! Thinking of you guys! ~bec

Sarah said...

We sure hope everything is going great for you guys!! Take care!
-The Hickenbottoms

The Hicks Family said...

It's good to see you are getting settled so fast! I HATE moving...I think that is a factor in why we are still here! Josh went thru the cowboy phase too, it's SO cute!

Cheryl said...

Welcome back and thanks for the updates. Jack sure looks like a natural cowboy. He's growing and changing so fast. Best of luck in your new home!

Staab Boys said...

Good to finally hear from you guys and get a glimpse at the new place. We're anxious to hear how Amy's first week went at her new job. Talk to you soon.
The Staabs