Wednesday, November 26

Thanksgiving Eve

He's looking at me as if to say "Dad, don't take my picture here. Don't you know this Spinach Artichoke Dip carpet doesn't photograph well? Okay, if you must...take the dang picture."
How quickly he came around. I love that cheeser smile soooo much!

I tip my the keeper of the diapers...

I took Jack, Nathan and Matthew to story hour at the library this morning for the second week in a row. I think most people consider me either extremely brave or painfully stupid for attempting to take three toddler boys downtown, but they really behave for me and it's no sweat at all. All three of them are angels down there. Here, Debi reads them a story about a snake. They also read a story about the first Thanksgiving. Debi is the best story hour conductor of all time, just so you know.

Matthew enjoying his popcorn. He paid attention to Debi's craft instructions really well and worked on this craft very quietly and did a great job. Barely needed any help at all.

This is the result of all that crafting. Here, Nathan models what he and I put together.

Jack really liked his new hat.

Matthew showing off what he made.

What a bunch of turkeys.


Blackmans said...

Thanks for taking the boys down to story hour. I know they have really enjoyed it! I think they like the quality time with their Uncle Dave and Jack too!