Monday, November 24

Playing At The Park

There was a day last week that was beautiful, so Jack and I went down to the park to play. It was kinda eerie to be at the park alone (we're not used to that), but it also meant we had free reign over all the fun stuff. I took some pics, then my camera battery went dead. Now to dig through some boxes to find the charger.
I told him to smile really big and this is his 'cheese' smile now. He smiles like me: with his whole face, especially the eyes. You have a while to worry about it, Jack, but I have two words for ya: crow's feet.

You didn't think we'd go to the park without our cowboy boots adorning our feet, did you? And yes, in our world, wind pants go with c'boy boots.

There's something really weird about this merry-go-round that I'll warn you about if you're ever visiting the Palisade Park. IT DOESN'T TURN! WTH? Okay, it turns, but is really hard to turn and it sure doesn't go very fast. Whatev. We had fun on it anyway.


Peyton & Sawyer's Place said...

I know! What IS up with that wonky merry-go-round? I have wondered the same thing for a long time... I do believe someone needs to fix it. Cute pics! I bet it is an adjustment going to our quaint little park from Stoller Park! ;o)

Ange said...

Okay, so are those the same cowboy boots that Brooklyne had, then gave to Emerson and now Jack is wearing them like he will never get rid of them.
I love it. What a good use of $11.
How are you all doing?

Dave Ja Vu said...


Yes, those would be the very same boots. He wears them EVERY day. Sometimes I hide them thinking 'out of sight, out of mind' but he ALWAYS remembers them. Even his most favoritest Thomas shoes aren't good enough anymore. I do have to say that those boots were well worth the $11 YOU spent on them. I feel lucky that we got to use them! I love hand-me-downs! And they look really good with his church clothes too! He's worn them there every week.