Wednesday, November 26

Thanks For This Thankfulness

Timing: I got this post done one day before Thanksgiving this year, instead of a week after. That's amaze-a-zing!
Health: We're all three very healthy people. I thank God every day for that. And though an all-day volleyball tournament makes me rickety and pokey, I'm thankful I can endure it!
Amy: She's an awesome wife, mother, speech path and person. Love you, LadyBird Vrb!
New Digs: We're quite pleased with our new home in our new town. Very good fit. Now, about that Spinach Artichoke Dip carpet...notsomuch, kthanks.
Kraut: This is strange, but I found this new recipe with kraut, potatoes and brats baked into a pie crust. In the words of another great David: Zehr gut!
Stamina: When the going gets tough, the tough make some tough decisions and own them...

Friends: Every new test shows you the value of good friends. It also weeds out the less-than-stellar ones.
Offers: They came at an odd time, but they were a perfect fit. God had a plan. Thankfully. 'Cuz ours was kinda dumb in retrospect.
Results: I refuse to gloat, but I am quite happy with this year's election. 'Nuff said. Good luck, President Obama. I will pray daily for your safety. Now, about those me...let's chat...

Technology: Amy got me an iPod this year. After years of not 'getting it', I'm hooked!
Happiness: This is cheesy, but I so enjoy hearing Jack laugh about the 'little things' in life. He's my happiness. This is his entry.
Immediate Family: We truly have the best families ever and they're all priceless to us. They've shown us that blood is thicker than water, syrup and cement. (What does that even mean? I have no idea.)
Safety: We're thankful Jake is safe right now and pray relentlessly for his safe return to us.

The Palisade United Methodist Church: Our new church family is grand and Reverend Judy is a treasure.
Hillary Clinton: I was very rough on her, but she's a class act. Secretary of State? Why not? I think she'd be a classy Sexy of State.
A--hats: I believe a--hats are angels sent to tell us exactly when it's time to just move on. Thanks, a--hats, for doing your part to get us out of craptastic sitchos!
Newspapers. Except the Gazette. I don't read that paper. Neither should you.
Kindness: There is a great deal of kindness in the world. I hope I'm sharing it enough. I know you are. I've been the recipient.
Family Guy: We never watched this show before this year, but we're hooked now. I thought I'd seen every eppy twice, but have 12 DVR'd that I've never seen! Yay!
Unbelievable Olympics: We were addicted to the Olympics this year. It was Splenda.
Love: We've been showered with it this year. James Taylor would be pleased. (At least I think so. He's kinda uptight. YOU ask him.)
New car: We got a new car this year and it's a perfect fit for us. It's roomy, kind of a grocery-getter lookin' thing and Jack can watch the DVD instead of screeching. Perfect fit indeedy.
Employment: In this economy, it's not a guarantee. Also happy my Dad has a new job.
Silence: Time to be still with your own thoughts. Time to reflect on the day. Time to chill. It's priceless.
Starting anew: Here's to 2009! I think you're going to be presh!


Cheryl said...

I enjoyed reading this, didn't want it to end! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Staab Boys said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Dax and Ian said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Vrbi! Sounds like life is grand for you all right now...awesome! You guys deserve the very best!
Love from The Greenwoods

Peyton & Sawyer's Place said...

Loved this! We're super thankful you guys are here!! We love ya'!

Sarah said...

We are thankful for getting to know you guys!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
-The Hickenbottoms

Dana said...

I laugh that you have named your carpet "Spinach Artichoke Dip". After all those years as a secretary, I sell at Samway's now. We find the names of the carpet pretty interesting! There are some named after coffee drinks, liquor, etc.--makes you wonder what those people are up too!

I hope when you are ready for new, you'll come to Samway's & ask for me! I'll hook you and Amy up with carpet with names like, "Peaceful Dawn", "Beautiful Things", "Muffin" just to name a few!!