Tuesday, December 2

Craft Time

This morning, Jack and Daddy decided to do a quick craft after Mommy left for work. We'd had the stuff to do it for a while but I was finally patient enough to try it this morning. Jack did a great job of putting the letters on where I asked and told me all the sounds the letters make (thanks, Leap Frog videos!). Then we both worked together on the pipe cleaners. The little swirls are from his fingers. Some of the others are from mine. The yellow one on the right side is something he did and I thought it was cool so we put it on. At our house, we always say "I love you seriously." It's something I started when Jack was an infant and it just sorta stuck. It's our thang. Now Mommy has something to decorate her room with! YAY!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute it's disgusting.

But seriously, it's too cute.

And disgusting.


Dave Ja Vu said...


Your comment made me LOFL.

Yeah, it's a touch over the top. I completely agree. But what better time to be over the top than the holiday season right after a bloody election battle, right?

Tammy said...

That's cute! Congrats on a successful project.

Dax and Ian said...


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