Monday, October 27

Our Last Full Weekend In GI...Sigh...

Walking away...walking uphill.
We spent the last weekend here in GI hanging out as a family. Saturday, after naptime, we went out to the Scarecrow Patch for the third time this year. After that, we decided to run into Boelus to eat at the Gold Nugget. It was a very fun and very spontaneous day. And to add to the spontaneity, Emily and Dan made a last-minute trip down to see us on Sunday since we're going to be about 5 hours away from them now. My camera battery died on Saturday and I forgot to recharge it, so Dan is sending me pictures of their visit.
We ran into Owen at the scarecrow patch. He gave Jack a hug because he was so happy to see him. We are going to their house tomorrow night for pizza. They've been really good friends to us and we'll miss them greatly.

Swinging in the barn.

We saw a mama kitty and her babies in the barn. Jack could not have cared less.

Jack rode the pony around the pond. The lady walking the pony said he was very talkative. Lawd knows what kind of stories he told her.

Saddle up, buckaroony!
Holy mac, we were bookin'!

This slide drops you into a big container of corn. I was picking corn out of my shoes for about five minutes after this.

These pigs were touch too friendly for my liking. While I was taking the picture, one tried to lick the camera. Those oinkers will eat anything.

The activities are endless out there. What a good time.

I think he was climbing up the bales to go down the slide, but we'll say he was doing "The Macarena" and leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Amy, enjoy your blog. Nice way to get better acquainted with you and your family.
George (School Psy with ESU 15)