Saturday, March 22

Busy Week 2: Jack, Dax, Ian, Owen

So, this photo is very deceiving, I have to admit. It gives the impression that my son was okay with Owen playing with him and his toys. He WASN'T. Owen sure is cute in this photo though. He, his 'rents and TiLynn were over for burgers the other day. We had a blast!
Mommy and TiLynn playing a game. I lost big time.
Sarah and O. I didn't get any photos of Lane, so I know he's gonna be heartbroken 'bout that.
TiLynn got Jack and O each an Easter bucket. It was full of AWESOME stuff (espesh the PEEPS. I love Peeps!) She also gave us a rose that I cannot wait to plant this Spring!
Thanks, Ti!
Dax was also a visitor. He gets more adorb every day. And he's soooo smart! He does a lot of sign too and his vocab is wicked good.
This is Dax's little brother, Ian. He's solid.
Jack warmed up to Dax after a while and they played like champs. Here's Daxamillion going down Jack's slide.

And just so Mr. Selfish doesn't freak out someday, here's a picture of him on his slide. The words 'mine' and 'me' were uttered several times.
Here they are in their playful phase. Mommy got Jack an AWESOME bubble blower. He loves that thing.
Look what I can do!
Good pic, Ame. They look like little big people...or something...
Playing on the stoop, eating cookies. I have a vid I'll post soon.