Sunday, March 2

Great Weather = No Coats At The Park!

The park is a million times more fun this year now that Jack can run amok. So, with yesties lovely weather, we took the short trek over to the park to enjoy the madness! Here is the little man eyeing the guy with the camera through the tunnel.
At the top of the stairs.
Slides are the best!
I love the fact that the sun is such a huge part of some of these photos. After so many months of being cooped up inside, the sun is a welcome subject in our photos!
Taking the wheel. (Not literally. It was bolted on.)
Dad and Jack. BFF's.
We really enjoyed the slides and he was exhausted when we finally got home.
And he even did the slides himself several times. Here is Mom releasing her little stinker down the big slide.

And of course Dad and Jack being goofy as they came out of that slide.
Riding the bouncy duck.
Muscle Man Magee. (And the sun again. Yay!)
Swinging high. (I heart this photo!)
Big boy.


Sarah said...

Hey, we were at Stolley yesterday too. What fun!!!

Sherman said...

You take such great pictures Dave. Jack is so handsome and growing so much. Glad you guys had fun in the sun!