Sunday, March 16

Random Photos

Jack gets braver and braver all the time. I think he'll be thoroughly enjoying swimming lessons this summer again too...
Posing? In the tub? Not good.
We should have named him Seven. Wanna know why?
Because Seven ate Nine! Bwaahahahaha!
Tuckered out, and can you blame him? That guy he hangs with is exhausting.
Wow...the hair is good today... This picture has very little production value, but the hair is worth posting. It was hairlarious!
Gramps Jer and Uncle Jared stopped by and when they were leaving we noticed our ducks are back. Every year about this time, we get a visit from a couple ducks. This year, there were three! Jack and I gave chase with bread in tow, but they weren't too interested in staying close to us.
And off they go. Jack was hollering, "Ducks! Go! Shhhh!"
Hmmm...whaddayaknow...same calick...
And he got ahold of Mommy's fave fashion accessory: the doo-rag. What a cutie.


Blackmans said...

That is crazy he has your exact calick! It looks like you had an awesome weekend! I wish I could have seen you.

Peyton's Place said...

Cool! I want ducks!! Peytie would love that! Good pics - as usual Daver. Have a great week! (Hey, are you guys gonna be able to come back this weekend?)