Saturday, March 22

Busy Week 3: Playing With Johnner At Fonner

Heeeeeere's Johnny!
Johnny and Jack didn't know each other from Adam, but we heart his 'rents, Nate and Kim, so it could have gone either way with this kid and Jack. Well, as luck would have it, they were quick to make friends. Johnny and Jack played together like they were born to be friends. What a relief! Amy and Jack met Nanci, Kimi and Johnny at Fonner for some chitchat.
Watching the horses. Bein' dudes.
This way, Johnny! BTW, that's Jack's hair AFTER his mom gelled it and fixed it. That calick has a mind of its own.
I wasn't present when this photo was taken, so I don't know the story. There likely isn't an explanation. They are toddlers after all.
IDK my BFF Johnathan.
They decided shoes were unnecessary. Off they went.
Jack helped Johnny put his back on.


Cheryl said...

Johnner at Fonner and Jack at the Track, right? I enjoyed the pics, but did they win any change for their piggy banks?

Kimi said...

Hey Guys! What a fun day at Fonner. We didn't even have to bet to have fun. I was surprised at how well the boys played together. It was as if they played all the time. Sounds like you had a good Easter. We are celebrating Johnny's 2nd bday today.