Saturday, March 22

Busy Week 1: An Ella And An Elephant

This is our good friend, Ella (; sing it with me, Rihanna fans). She and her mama, Sara, joined Amy and me for lunch on Tuesday. Jack's mom made the very most of her spring break week, having company or going somewhere almost every day! Anyhootie, Ella is a hoot and we can't wait to meet her little sis in a couple months!
Later that day, Mommy and Jack went to the circus to see about joining (ha ha!). They went with Sean, Ryan and Melissa but unfortch we have no pix of those three. Here are a bunch of photos of Mommy and Jack hammin' it up:
What a good time.
Jack adored the circus. Shown here are a bunch of peeps and horses. Not sure why I chose this photo. Whatev.
Kisses from Mommy. (Thanks, Melissa, for photographing for us!)
Cuteness on a cracker.
Eeeee...this is why I can't stand the circus. The acts make me anxious and nervous. I keep thinking one of these days, I'll be watching the circus and see someone die. No thanks.
I have no idea what is going on here.
Jack loved the elephant and kept waving to the lady riding it.


Staab Boys said...

Busy, busy, busy... wow... what a week. Circus... check... other than that all I did was wipe snotty noses... kinda looking forward to the return to work....did I say that ????
Amy, nice to see you on the blog...'bout time!!!