Sunday, September 16

Pumpkin Patch

Well, I may not have been out in my garden as much as I would have liked this summer, but the pumpkins sure didn't seem to mind!
When I planted these pumpkins, I actually envisioned Jack out there playing in them. What fun!
See what my dad grew, y'all?
This one should make a great jack o' lantern, Dad!


sixbehrs said...

Wow! Those look great!

The Hagan Clan said...

WOW~ very nice pumpkin patch... looks like you have a green thumb!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pumpkins. Adorable Jack!! Miss you, little punkin.

Grammy Tami

The Hoskovec's said...

I have really let my garden go too! Pumpkins took it over! It looks like you have some Very Large pumpkins! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

I bet Jack had a blast playing in the punkin patch! :) Great pics David! :)

Tara said...

These pictures are great dave!! i love them! i cant wait til next year at this time we will have our own garden/pumpkin patch!!