Sunday, September 2

Another Date With Mother Nature

So, we've gone over to see the ducks about three times in the past week. We have a blast, but this time, the ducks were HUNGRY!
They came right up to us and at one point were eating out of my hands. That was cool, but the geese make me nervous. They're psychotic and mean!
Gonna get you ducks!
The ducks really liked my flip flops and jeans. Harmless, but a little bit much...
I told Jack to say 'hi ducks' and he said 'uh-hhhhh shxguxsh'! I think that's a pretty good try.
C'mere you!
He wanted down to chase ducks, so I stayed between him and the pond. I'm much quicker than he far!
Spending some time together.
Jack and Dad got a kick out of the ducks getting so close! They were annoying after we ran out of bread (trying to eat my flip flop), but it was pretty cool having them eat out of my hands.
He really wanted to catch a duck!

As you can see, our bread was a hit! I've never had them eat it out of my hand before! Amy was a little freaked out, so she shot this from the dock!


Baby Greenwood said...

looks like a ton of fun!! my mommy and daddy tried to take me to feed the ducks on saturday and we went to pioneers park (supposedly the best place to feed ducks and geese in lincoln), and it was a joke! there were four ducks sitting on the grass by the lake and 2 slices of bread lying next to them. needless to say, they DIDN'T want anything to do with us! bummer! maybe next time????

Blackmans said...

That looks like a blast! Not to mention some great family time! I hope you guys had a great weekend!

The Hoskovec's said...

Wow, how cool! They are really loud too. Ya I have watched the scary movie BIRDS too much, I would have gotten worried when you ran out of bread! Ha!

The Hagan Clan said...

aww looks like you guys had an awesome time... thats great! lovin your weekends arent ya!

Anonymous said...

Totally lovin' the weekends. I forgot how nice it was to relax for two whole days!


Nana & PopPop's Place said...

That was a little freaky to watch David! Jack looked like he was having fun! I would have been standing next to Amy! :) Yes, I'm a BIG chicken!