Monday, September 10

Wild Weekend

Dad and Jack made another trip, this time for Nathan's birthday. Mommy had a conference then went to a Husker volleyball game with friends. Here, Jack and Dad check out a pony at MNB's 100-year anniversary party!
Hanging out in the shade with Dad, ignoring the goings-on. Hard to believe it was 90-some degrees in this picture and not even close today!
Then we went down the huge slide! Jack loved it and by the second time, he was laughing all the way down!
At the bottom!
In this picture, I am amazed that the slide held my weight! Ha ha.

And again!
Somebody likes sliding with his dad. (Behind us is Granny Janny's office.)
Tori, Grandma Elaine and Granny Janny stood in the heat while we went down a third time. Then, we called it a day! He was laughing all the way down this time.
Jack loves sliding fo' sho! Sunday, we met Mommy in Hastings for lunch and a trip to Champions. He loved the slides there too!
Can someone explain how Jack's hair turned blond overnight, please? These photos amaze me; his hair is so light!
Again, Dad!? (Thanks for operating the camera, Tori!)

Aunt Missy made Jack look festive at Nathan's party. He's officially not shy at family functions anymore! He had a great time with the other kids...and adults!
(We stole this photo and the ones following from Aunt Missy's blog. I did take some of them, so it's okay, right?)
Matthew and Nathan were getting upset with each other because Matthew wanted to play with the birthday boy's toys. Their mom and I agreed I should let Matthew have his gift a month early so he would leave Nathan alone. So he and Uncle Dave went out to the camper and put his monster outfit on and came back in. It was a hoot! He hammed it up for a minute, then took it off and went over to play with Nathan's toys again. Hmm...just when you think you've outsmarted these kids...
Nathan beside the laptop we gave him. He loved it! Another successful gift purchase! Luke loved his (late) gift too. In fact, I believe his exact words were: "I've been wanting one of these for my birthday for years and now you got it for me!" A little over the top, but very gracious indeed.
Jack was having so much fun playing with his cousins!
Jack had no shirt, Luke had no shirt, Matthew had no shirt and no pants, and Nathan had no pants. Good thing Tori has manners!


sixbehrs said...

You guys look like you always have so much fun at family events.

Paul and Miranda started off semi-blond, then in the summers they would get really, really blond. Now they're pretty much back to semi-blond, but for a few years their hair was almost white! Amazing how that works.