Monday, July 16

The Week That Was

I actually feel like I just updated, but notice it's been a week already. Sorry! I don't have anything special to post, so how about some random shots of Jack's week?
Good then. It's settled.
We also have some cute vids to post, but I haven't had time to upload them yet. Stay tuned.
Jack hung out with his buddy Ryan the other day while their Mommies planned their WW grocery shopping for the week! Someone must have told a joke that flopped because these boys are SOMBER in this pic!
Eating yogurt with a spoon, making a huge mess! As if the Spaghetti-O's weren't sloppy enuf!
Pasta and yogurt go together like peas and candy.
Somebody loves Elmo! (And that somebody is wearing pants that are a size too big!)
Done with the corndog.
This was from a week ago at Whiskey Creek.