Tuesday, July 24

Last Week's Garden Tour

"Hi, I'm Jack. Welcome to my garden. Here behind me are massive pumpkins that my dad decided to plant this year. He wanted to grow big, prize-winning pumpkins and that's just what he did. They sure grow better than the zucchini has the past three years!"
"Back behind me in my Shrek chair here are watermelon and canteloupe. They've really thrived this year. I love watermelon but I'm not so sold on canteloupe yet."
"Here I am in front of the cucumbers and tomatoes. I don't normally sit around in my chair in the garden, but Aunt Susan would have flipped her lid if there wasn't a person in the pictures. And if you're going to have a person in a picture, might as well be me."
"These tomato plants are taller than me!"
"Now, forgive all the weeds in the garden here. These photos were taken last week before Granny Janny had a chance to weed Daddy's garden. Here I am in part of my dad's perennial garden. It's even more beautiful now that Granny pulled the weeds!"
"I like to play with plants. Thankfully, we have a lot of them."
"Here is the south half of the huge perennial garden. There are four quadrants to the garden, each 20' x 6' for a grand total of 480 square feet of plants!"
"This is the perennial garden my Granny Janny helped Daddy plant where they dug up the yard for the new well. After they planted it last year, they hoped in two years it would be thriving. Well, it happened a year early. It's gorge!"

"When my Granny Janny was here watching me while my parents gallavanted all over the countryside, she took me to the park by our house to see their huge perennial garden. If you think 480 square feet is big, you should see this thing!"
"This day lily is called Jack's Happy Smile. Okay, I lie. It isn't. I have no idea what it's called, but I'll bet Granny does. Now, where are my pants?"
"Here I am at the day lily farm 25 miles from my town in the country. Just rows and rows and rows of day lilies. Granny loves day lilies. Daddy jokes that he's going to name his first daughter 'Lily' so that Granny can say 'have a nice day, lily!' "It's quite warm out here in this garden."
"This particular hybrid of day lily was brought to America from Zimbabwe! Again, I kid you! Daddy said he was going to take some photos of the garden again this week when he's feeling better so that you can see it when it looks spiffy! And that concludes our grand garden tour. Join me in a couple days for more photos, possibly of PRODUCE! How scintillating!"


Blackmans said...

I love the garden photos! I really like the name Lilly for a girl! You should consider that one!

The Hagan Clan said...

nice garden, i wish i had a green thumb, but all i have is a brown one...lol