Thursday, July 26

Vacuuming & Relaxing

I guess Mommy figures that since Daddy won't ever vacuum, she'll at least get someone to do it with her! She picked up this toy at Wal-Mart yesterday.
My kid has no pants on. It's summer. What can I say?
Is this thing on?
Jack was afraid of it at first, but once Daddy showed him how fun it is, he was vacuuming all night. I finally turned the sound off.
The eyes on that thing are a bit creepy, but whatev.
I took these pics of Jack watching Elmo the other day. His facial expressions were so funny.


Anonymous said...

Peytie has that same vacuum. She had soooo much fun with it for a long time! It's just too bad that the real vacuum is too heavy for her... I'd have spotless floors!

Auntie S

sixbehrs said...

We have that vacuum, too. It sure has a great sense of humor, doesn't it?! Ha ha