Monday, July 2

Grandparents' Visit!

This is just a random shot of Jack on his new tricycle that his OTHER grandpa bought for him for his birthday. He loves to ride on it and with the handle on the top, we don't have to bend over to push him (we're old). Anyway, we took this picture while Grandma and Grandpa were here, so it still counts, right?
Tori came with Grandma and Grandpa V so Daddy and Gramps could put recessed lighting in the living room and kitchen. It looks fantastic. After the others left, we sat around without the lights on and then turned them on at dusk. You would NOT believe what a huge difference it makes to our house. Thanks, Gramps!
Anyway, Jack and Tori had a blast catching up together this weekend!
Surprisingly, Gramps was still able to lift anything--including Jack--over his head at the end of the day! He's a tough dude though!
Jack and Gramps and Grams.
Tori was making me laugh!