Thursday, July 5

Independence Day

Jack took a bath at Granny Janny's to be clean in celebrating our country's independence.
I'm ready to rock now, Dad!
Playing at Grammy Tami's.
Riding in Papa Jer's wagon over to Peyton's house.
What a great day so far!
Playing at the Palestine Public Pool.
The water is so cold at first.
Practicing my walking skillz.
I love swimming!
Thanks for the dip, Dad!
This is what happens when your parents forget your Lil' Swimmers diapers.
Jack and his newest friend, Vicki Linn.
Matthew enjoys his 4th O' July lunch.
Nathan eatin' Cheerios.
Nourishment is necessary for a successful, happy, safe 4th!
Luke tells his mom about swimming lessons.
Jack and Nathan play with Grammy's toys.
Nathan was kind of a ball hawg. He was having a blast!
'Can I play with 'em too, dude?' Jack asks.
Jack, Nathan and Matthew.
Playing hot potato?
Matthew was intrigued by Uncle Dave's cam.
Matthew, Jack and Grammy Tami.
What's up?!
Matthew and Jack play at the couch.
Matthew was using Tori as a chair. It's all good...
You're my buddy, Buddy. These two get along famously.
Matthew and Luke were ready for a nap at this point.
But Nathan was still going strong!

The boyz at Grandma Mary Lou's house.
Great Aunt Mary, Matthew and cousin Ryan play croquet.
Jack with Great Aunt Cindy. She wasn't mad, she just always makes that face!
Nathan, Jack and The Gramps.
Nathan was having a great time following that garden hose around the yard.

Luke leading Jack around the yard.
Ryan, Cindy, Mary, Tori, Joy and Jim play a Battle Royale game of croquet. Tori just barely beat out Aunt Cindy. She joked that she was like the Jack Nicklaus of croquet and Tori was the Tiger Woods.
Matthew looks for something he can steal from Jonah, D and Maggie.
Tori, Jack, Grandma Elaine and Jared.
Peyton, Gramps Jer and Matthew. Quite a handful there...