Saturday, July 28

A Party For Our Friends

Hey guys! Check out my new cleanin' machine!
Excuse us, sir. You're interrupting some very important business here. Move along, Lookie-Lou.
Cam, on the left, and his parents are moving away so we had a very tame going away shindig for them. Owen, at right, and his parents came over too. We had pizza, buffalo chicken dip, veggies, fruit and soda. Cara brought cookies with blue frosting. We'll get to that in a minute!
RE: The Blue Cookies -- Cam is going to have a little brother, which means my first prediction is absolutely true. I predicted a boy for Aaron and Cara and girls for the other three families expecting right now. Which means...well, which means nothing...except that I'm a genius.
Jack, Jen, Lynn, O and Dex watch Camden rolling around on the floor.
Hey O. Do you think that since you and I are the only Heartbreakers who still live here in town, I could have my stinkin' ball back, please? Yeah, thanks.
Boys, boys and more boys. Now I kinda know what my sister's house is like on a daily basis. Yikes.
The boyz: Camden Moses, Jack Parker and Owen Jacob. No, Jack's shorts do not match his shirt. I had to change him because the first pair of pants he had on wouldn't stay up.
I forced the boys to sit for a picture. This was the best I got.

Good Luck, Wades! We'll Miss You!
Dave, Amy & Jack-Jack


sixbehrs said...

Yep, Jack's mis-matched outfit was REALLY bugging me. Some people have NO taste at all!

by the way, I just laugh and laugh at your captions:-)