Thursday, July 26


I just reposted the last two videos. For some reason, it was saying "Oops! No Video!" and I'm not sure why. So, I reposted them for your viewing pleasure.

I also added the music box to the page, so if your speakers are off when you view our page, turn them up and enjoy some songs that Amy, Jack and I picked out. I'm not sure how I feel about the music because you have to stop the music box to listen to the videos, but there's nothing ever exciting happening (sound-wise, that is) in the videos anyway. If there is in one of them, I'll give you a heads-up to stop the music player at the bottom of the page.

Jack is walking all over now. We got back from Comstock and he was still kind of scared to take off on his own. Then Monday morning bright and early a light bulb must have come on and he was toddling all around the house. It's quite funny to watch the video of him walking because he really does laugh like that the whole time! He knows he's being such a big boy...he should anyway...he hears it from us every time!

We are getting over our sickness. I'm finally feeling about 80 percent, but Amy wrenched her back again last night picking Jack up off the floor. We all remember the hell she went through with her back during the pregnancy. Well, it looks like the problem has come back. She's alone with Jack today, which is tough because she can't really pick him up much and he's in to EVERYTHING! So, I'm on strict orders to go to Wal-Mart to pick up Aleve and Extra Strength Tylenol tonight after work.

Our friends Cara, Aaron and Camden will be leaving us soon. If you remember, we are the two families that are leading a parallel universe. Well, Aaron got an awesome job as editor of the Hemingford Ledger newspaper in the Sandhills. He's working there right now and Cara's getting their house ready for closing here soon. We are seriously depressed to see our good friends leave, but we know it's what's best for them, so we're also excited for them. A bittersweet move it is for all of us. They've been great friends to us and I know we'll be up to see them occasz and hopefully they'll come see us whenever they're close to GI.

Which is what we hope you all do whenever you're near. Stop by and see us. We love company!

We hope summer is going well for everyone. It won't be long until that school bell rings again, dang it! To all you teachers, we'll understand if you wear black for the next couple weeks (Susan)!

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Susan said...

Don't ask me when school starts! I am trying to put it out of my brain. A friend called tonight with all the corrupt news of our school district. I definitely am buying another lottery ticket tomorrow! Amy-hope you get better soon. You and Jack are going to be the highlight of my August! I love the walking video. He is so happy!