Thursday, June 7

What An Awesome Year It's Been!

June 8, 2006 - Brand New Baby Boy
July 2006 - Hanging out with relatives.
August 2006 - Getting some personality!
September 2006 - What a happy baby!
October 2006 - Our little doodlebug.
November 2006 - Loving life.
Jack's Half-y Birthday - December 2006
January 2007 - Playing with his buddy Dex.

February 2007 - Talk to the sock!
March 2007 - Such beautiful eyes.
April 2007 - Growing up way too fast.
May 2007 - Why the long face, buddy?
June 2007 - From little baby to little boy.


sixbehrs said...

He sure does have beautiful eyes! Why is it always the boys who are blessed with long lashes??

Baby Greenwood said...

Wow! A whole year already! Happy First Birthday Jack Jack!!!!! Guess I'm next! Can't wait to see you next weekend for your party!

HAGANS said...

WOW Jack your the BIG 1!!! Well happy birthday lil dude and hope you have a great one!