Monday, June 11

Catching Up Again

Jack, Owen and Camden don't really know what to expect from Water Babies class, but Cam really wants you to know where his nose is. Accomplished!
Deni goes to Jack's daycare. She was at Water Babies class too. Here she is with her mommy, Amy. Jack saw here A LOT last week!
Owen prepares himself for the water with his mommy, Jen.
Emma, Deni and Jack with their 'rents playing "Humpty Dumpty".
That was fun, Daddy!
Lynn, O, Aaron, Cara and Cam at Water Babies.

Jack with Dad.
O with his ma. He didn't love the water at first, but grew to love it.
Is that Humpty Dumpty I see?
Jack goes through the hoop to the instructor.
Jack kept sticking his head in the water. He loves swimming a lot!

Cam gets some R&R in...
Not sure what Cam and Cara are doing, but it looks like fun!
Organized chaos.
Going to Cam's Mommy.

And back to Daddy.
The whole crew.
Look at Mommy.
Jack and Daddy doing his puzzle. He loved it.
The other day, Jack and his mommy met his daycare buddies at Deni's house. Clockwise from bottom, we have Julie, Colson, Jack, Emma, someone's legs, Amy (Deni's ma), Makenna and your host, Deni.

Colson, our daycare provider Lauries' nephew, cleans up a bit.
Deni and her friend Emma play around.
Colson and Jack yearn for a trip out to the patio.
Let us out!
Jack and Makenna.

Deni is getting around very well!
Makenna plays with Deni's toys.
Jack and Colson play with Makenna while Deni watches her toys getting some wear and tear.
'Hey mom' says Jack Jack.
Colson and Julie (his mommy).