Monday, June 18

A Birthday Bash!

Jack hangs out on Grammy Tami's lap, while Kenna sits next to them. She broke her arm recently. Poor girl.
Kenna hangs out in the shade
All sunscreened up and ready to play in the water table with cousins Nathan and Peyton!
Welcome to my birthday party, Nate! Like my muscles?
Jack's cousin Matthew and his favorite person in the whole world, Papa Jerry.
Playing in the pool before dinner.

Nathan and Jack hang out.
Nathan, Papa Jer, and Jack Jack in the shade of the cedar tree.
Jack's cousin Peyton and her parents spent the whole weekend with us! She's so well behaved.
Nathan shoots the breeze with Aunt Nancy.
Matthew enjoys one of Jack's many, many birthday gifts!

Daddy takes care of the candle while Jack messes with the cake.
Jack didn't eat even a smidgen of his cake. His midday nap was interrupted, so he was not enjoying himself by this point!
Brody (our daycare lady's youngest son), cousins Taylor, Kenna, Luke and Jayden enjoy the Elmo cupcakes.
Some of the party crew. The lady in white is Jack's daycare provider, Laurie. This is the first photo we've ever had of her. And you can barely see her!
Cara, Cam, Dax, Craig and Bec.
Aunt Julie got Jack this monkey. It's really fun. Daddy puts it on his head and Jack just laughs!
Dax enjoys the gift paper.
Peyton enjoyed Nanci and Jay's gift the night before. It was a hit with all the kids! I think every last one of them were on it at some point in the day.
Hi Dad! Tomorrow's my birthday party!
Peyton again.
The following are photos we stole from Aunt Missy's blog. Our camera battery went dead at some point during gifts, so we didn't get ANY photos of Amy's family! If you have other photos of the party, please let us know. We still have several to share on the other memory card too, so stay tuned!
Matthew and Peyton in the pool.
Saggy McDiaperson
Nathan and Jack cement their BFF status.
Julie, Kenna and Peyton read some of Jack's great books.