Friday, June 22

And Still More Birthday Party Photos From Papa Jerry!

Julie and Nathan play while Jack makes sure it's okay.
Still watching something else.
What a fun time!
Matthew arrived a little later and was ready to play in the water!

At first, Jack was squeamish about the water, but got used to it.
He loved the slide a lot. (And yes, my skin glows in the dark if you're wonderin')
Playing is fun.
Papa Jerry with Nathan on the slide.

Peyton (or as I call her: Peytunia) had a blast at our house last weekend!
Nathan and his chubby legs! And Papa Jer in his winter clothes!
The Translucent Bros.
Peyton has fun on the fantastic slide, slide, slippety slide.
Bang bang! Squirt squirt!
No one messes with Saggy McDiaperson and gets away with it!

Peyton and Matthew.
I can't hold myself up with all this weight in this diaper! heavy!
Papa Jer reprimanding someone. Probably me.
Matthew is dealing well with that water weight.

Playing with Papa.
Good times at Casa De Vrbi.
I love this picture because I look semi-skinny! It's an optical illusion!
Still not eating that cake...


Blackmans said...

Wow Dad got more pictures than me!! Now I know where we get it! Good pictures from the weekend. I think it is official that everyone had fun!

Anonymous said...

They were not my winter clothes!

sixbehrs said...

I think I'll give Matthew some of my extra "little swimmers." --Sonya