Tuesday, June 5

Two Buddies In One Day

Ladies and gentlemen, your three finalists for The Whitest Dude in the Universe Pageant!
Cam spent part of the morn with us. He was extremely mellow because he hadn't had his normal morning nap. Jack had a quick snooze, so he was a bit more lively. Cam pretty much sat on laps the whole time and listened to books. Who knew babysitting would be so easy?

(Daddy works Saturdays, so gets Tuesday off--just so no one thinks I'm bein' shady staying home today!)
Then Owen came over to see us. Here, he and his mommy, Jen, play with the mower while Jack figures out that weird thing Tori left at the house.
Muscling for rank. Boys, in twelve years come see me about that mowing gig...
Chillin' with my homey O. Keepin' it real. You know...

O, where'd you go? (The chair is not as filthy as it looks. It photographs badly! Very badly! Jack, however, does not!)Owen and his 'rents got this ball pit w/tent for Jack. It is AWESOME! It didn't come equipped with a daddy, but luckily we had an extra just sittin' around.

The ball pit was fun, fun and more fun!

Owen is quite the climber.

Inspecting all the toys.

Once again, the debate continued across the room on who should enjoy the magic of this one certa in toy. You'd have thought this was the last toy on Earth, but upon closer inspection you would discover there were plenty others. Approximately a gazillion others...Dang, I love my birthday present!

Jack and Daddy in tight quarters.

Owen and Jack in the ball pit.

This gift is quite enjoyable, Lynn and Jen and Owen. Thanks!


sixbehrs said...
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sixbehrs said...

Actually, I've looked at your blog before (linked from Missy's), but I never left a comment because I felt like I was lurking. :-) I miss reading your column in the Breeze!

The Wades said...

Thank you so much for watching me Tuesday morning! Sorry I was tired, crabby, and clingy. I got a stern talking to when I got home (and a long nap)!!!! That ball-pit looks awesome. We need to get O-Dawg and Dax and play some ball!

Anonymous said...

Tired and clingy? Yes. Crabby? Absolutely not; he was a perfect gentleman.

The Vrbi