Tuesday, June 19

More Birthday Party Photos!

Here are the rest of the pictures we had from Jack's party. We put out a request for more yesterday and are we'll post those as soon as we get them! Thanks for the photos in advance, Bec, Missy, Sarah, Tori and Grammy Tami! (I'm assuming each of you has a photo or two I can steal! Although I already stole from Missy...)
Heartbreakers and Moms.
Dang, it's muggy out here!
The Kaspers and assorted other guests.
Kealey, Mike and Auntie Em.
Opening gifts with Dad.
Uncle Jake and Gramps Tom.
Rick and Granny Janny help out with gift time.
Typical males...not using the instructions.
Look, Daddy. Over there! It's a party crowd!
Dax and Cam are ready for lasso golf.
Just one of Jack's many gifts.
Uncles and aunts everywhere!
Dax and Dad.
Jack's cuz Tori and her beau-friend, Daniel. He's a very nice boy. (He'd better be...hint hint...warning warning...)
About half of the party crew. Jack has a LOT of friends, huh?
After all the guests left, we all chilled in the backyard under the old cedar tree. Uncle Joe gets the outdoor fireplace ready. We figured we'd let the pyro/fire chief do the fireplace duties. He was less than "stoked".


Anonymous said...

Wow! These are all very good pics! We had so much fun at Casa de Vrbi last weekend. Thanks for the awesome hospitality guys! Give Jack-Jack a kiss from Unca Brosef, Aunt Sarha & Peytunia! Love ya'! MUAH...

Tara said...

looks like you guys had a GREAT time!! arent first birthday's the best???