Friday, December 15

Wrapping It Up

"Whaddaya mean these presents aren't for me?"
(Jack's been a little fussy since his shots on Wednesday. He just wants to be held all day. This picture was a bad choice!)

The motherlode of gifts for our adopted family.

Jack and Daddy get ready to wrap some charitable gifts.
Luckily, Jay took care of Dexy for us while Nanci, Aaron, Dave, Camden and Jack wrapped gifts.
Camden was Santa's little helper. He supervised the wrapping paper.
Aaron and Nanci enjoy the game while helping out with the wrapping of the gifts. The game was much more enjoyable after we were done wrapping, but that's only because that's when the Huskers finally got warmed up! Yikes!

Last night was a busy one. We had Aaron and Camden and Nanci and Jay over for the Husker volleyball game and pizza. While we were enjoying the game, we wrapped gifts for our adopted family so the gifts could be picked up today at The United Way. The family will be able to pick their gifts up at 10 a.m. Thanks to the generosity of everyone at Dave's work, we were able to get everything on their list...and Dave went back to Kohl's and T.J. Maxx on Wednesday to get an extra pair of jeans for each of the kids. That's how generous everyone was! Amazing--especially when you consider what a small staff we are!
With the three of us working and Cam-o and Jack-Jack contributing in their own little way, we were done in no time and could enjoy watching the Huskers make it to the national championship finals!
Toward the end of the game, Uncle Dan and Aunt Amber stopped by to see Jack. They were in McCook for a couple days and were just heading back to Omaha. They dropped off a gift for Jack-Jack and we got to see their new vehicle. Very nice, we must say! We also get to see them for Christmas! Oh, and Uncle Jake was here the other night too for dinner as he was heading back to Kearney from Omaha. He had London Broil with us and got back on the road so he could be a responsible uncle and get to class the next morning! We can't wait to see everyone for Christmas. It'll be a very special Christmas with Jack Parker joining the mix.
HEALTH UPDATE: Jack had his 6-month checkup yesterday morning and he is in the 50th percentile for his length, but only the 25th percentile for his weight. Doctor Herbek ensured us that he is fine. He is definitely in the healthy range, he's just pretty lean. Jack has been a little fussy since getting his shots on Wednesday morning. He had a great Wednesday, but must have had a delayed reaction because yesterday he was feverish and fussy. Nothing we couldn't handle, but we felt kinda sorry for him. He wasn't able to enjoy watching the Huskers win the as much as he usually does--and that's a crying, fussing, dirty shame!