Wednesday, December 20

The Super Happy Fun Time Christmas Pictures

We like your sign, Jack. Back atcha, baby boy.
Look at that funny little elfin boy.
This one was taken between angry and happy.
Sticking his belly out as far as it could go. (Skinny little twerp.)
Dad, these elf stockings are ridiculous!
Okay, so now that most of the holiday cards are out the door already, I feel like I can post these pictures now. Do you know how hard it was to wait to post these? It nearly killed me--especially since they are so darn adorable! Jack was being a little pill most of the time, so it's suprising to us that we got these quality photos out of the whole deal. Daddy and Mommy did a pretty good job with their first foray into Christmas pictures, I do declare.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack - You are cuter than cute. Miss you.
Love, Grammy Tammy

Anonymous said...

We got the card yesterday. Adorable to say the least! The Staabs