Sunday, December 10

Some of My Rowdy Friends Came Over Last Night

Owen peers out from around his mama.
Owen's Daddy and Camden hang out after dinner.
Owen's Daddy (Lynn), Camden, Owen, Owen's Mommy (Jen)
Lynn's cell phone is delicious!
Camden chills on Mommy Cara's lap.
Jack was so talkative last night. Here, he tells O's Mommy all about his week.
Jack and Cam reach out and touch each other's hands.
Hey, buddy! Someday we'll probably be in the same grade at Stolley!
O Dawg was active all night. He was crawling around and rolling and getting all the toys out. It was interesting watching how active he is at his age!
This evening's play time is brought to you by the Letter D.

Lynn, Owen, the delicious cell phone, and Dexy.
Lynn must have dropped his phone in a pot of honey or somethin'.
Camden likes cameras. Here, he and Mommy ham it up for Unca Dave.
Owen, Lynn, Jack and Jen. (That rhymed a little.)
Camden is the more reserved of the three. While Jack was blabbing to Jen and Lynn, and Owen was crawling all about the house, Cam just took it all in. Once he warmed up to everyone though, he was quite talkative.

Camden Moses.
Owen and Dexy on the prowl.
Owen meets his long lost friend Jack.
Owen and Camden roll around.
The two J's-- Jen and Jack--hang out.
Last night, we had a kinda last-minute planned meeting of some of the members of the Heartbreakers. Lynn, Jen, Owen, Aaron, Cara and Camden came over to eat some Potato Bacon Chowder and have some play time. Everyone had a great time. Owen even brought some gifts for Cam and Jack. Very generous, O Dawg!
Owen was as active a baby as we've seen lately. He was crawling all over.
Jack was the talker of the evening. He started talking early in the evening and really didn't stop the whole time.
And Cam was the supervisor. He was a bit more mellow than the other two.
It was interesting to see their personalities when we got them all together.
We'll see you again soon, bros! You too, Sean, Ryan and Dax! (Some of the boys are heading to Lincoln soon with their Mommies to see Dax and his Mommy and Daddy. That'll be fun.)


Blackmans said...

You are so lucky to have so many great friends. I enjoy seeing all of you grow! We can't wait to see you next!!! Miss you!
Aunt Miss, Uncle Jared, Luke, Matthew and Nathan

Baby Greenwood said...

wish i coulda been there too!! looks like you guys had fun!! can't wait to see you on the 27th in lincoln! ~dax~

Anonymous said...

Such good looking little guys - future heartbreakers for sure! It's wonderful you all are friends. What a treasure you all are.

Love, Grammy Tami