Wednesday, December 27

Christmas in Des Moines

Howdy y'all. We spent Christmas and the weekend before in Des Moines with Aunt Susan, Great Grandma and Grandpa K, Granny Janny and Rick, Uncle Jake, Aunt Emily, Uncle Mike, Kealey and Taylor. It was a blast! I was spoiled rotten, got lots of presents, barely slept, and charmed the pants off of my family! All in all, a really great first Christmas! We let Aunt Susan serve as the official photographer, so enjoy the photos! We covet her camera--which we know is wrong, but we can't help it!
The day after Christmas, we stopped by Uncle Dan's to see him. Unfortunately, Aunt Amber had to leave for work right before we got there. Sorry Aunt Amber. We had dinner with Uncles Dan and Jake, then headed home. When we got home, Mommy and Daddy fed me oatmeal with prunes. When they went to wash my grill, they learned that the pump on the well wasn't working so they had to call the well company in this morning to take care of it. If you can't imagine what it's like to get back from traveling and have no water, let us tell you it's a bad thing!
No laundry, no ability to wash dishes, no toilets. We have a policy here in the house today: "If it's yellow, let it mellow; if it's brown, flush it down!"
We'll have more photos for you soon. Susan's sending the last of them over today. And we'll have more photos of when we head to see the other side of the family this week. (If weather permits!)
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

My pre-Christmas bath was a good one. Aunt Susan's sink was just the right size!

Granny and Me

What kind of razor you usin' Gramps?

I love my Grandpa George!

Chillin' on Christmas Eve Eve.
Up, Daddy, UP!
You two are so fun! We have to visit more often!
Jack, Grandma Edna and Grandpa George.
Grandma, you can trust your local licensed State Farm Frames Adjustor.

That's Mommy's nose!
Dex, Jack, Aunt Susan, Grandpa
Uncle John and Aunt Karlene sent me some great books. Susan caught Daddy and me reading all about animal tails. What fun. Thanks, guys!
Me and my Ma.
Deja vu, anyone?

One of the rare moments when I actually took my bottle.
Daddy and Jack on Christmas morn.
I had sweet potatoes on Christmas, just like my grandmas and Aunt Susan.
I think I was just being cute here. Mission accomplished!
Feet up!
Among other things, Grandma and Grandpa got me a toy bar to play with when I'm in my carseat. It kept me occupied when trying to reach our destinations! Taylor, me and Kealey.
I had so much fun with Kealey...
... As evidenced by Exhibit A & B.
Yep, this one's definitely going in a frame. Fo' sho!
(Jack and Uncle Jake)

Among other things, Granny Janny got me a book about "Snow Friends". The book got the 'Daddy & Jack Seal of Approval'.
I like Mike!
You can see the pile of clothes Aunt Emily, Unca Mike, Kealey and Taylor got me, but this shirt was photo-worthy. It reads 'I Do All My Own Stunts'.
I also got this onesy I can wear in about a year. It has a Minnesota flavor. By the time I wear it, I'll have my own accent to put with it!
Aunt Susan got me the Baby Beach Band toy. It was named the winner of the 2006 Best Toy Award. It also gets the 'DJSA'!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Jack had a great first Christmas. See you when we get back. Tony, Melissa, Sean & Ryan