Wednesday, December 20

Just FYI

We're still working on getting the last of the Christmas cards out. We thought 50 would cover it, but it turns out we're so popular we had to up the count to 90! Ha ha...
That increase meant printing 40 all-new cards at Walgreen's and getting a new print cartridge to finish printing the newsletter. We're missing some addresses too, so if anyone can help with this handful of addresses, it would be much appreciated!
Jesse & Seri (Sandman) Neal (I hear they live in Alba now)
Mary Sue Haag (we forgot to get it off the envelope before we tossed it)
Jan Riley (I may just send this one to H&R Block in McCook or PO Box, Indianola?)
Please leave a comment for us if you have any of these folks' addresses. Thanks!


Jan said...

Jack is such a joy to watch him grow with each and every post here. He has fans at my work that ask often if theres new stories or pictures. Merry Christmas Jack !

Dave Ja Vu said...


We miss you! I'm glad you're checking in regularly though. Can we send your card to just PO Box, Indianola? I assume that'll get it there, right?

Merry Christmas!