Friday, March 28


Put A Lid On It!

Anyone Know What These Tracks Are?

After the snow melted off, I began to notice these tracks. I though at first they might be from water drainage, but I believe they're mos def from a creature, and my first thought is a ground squirrel because they're thick as thieves round here. Anyone else wanna venture a guess. They're destroying my lawn whatever they are!

Thursday, March 27

Bubble Time!

I mentioned a few posts ago that Jack loves his bubble blower. I'd just like to drive that point home now.
Cookies on the stoop. Gotta love that.
Yay! Bubbles!
Yep, more bubbles...
And for my final encore, I'd like to blow bubbles.

Dancin' With Dax

Wednesday, March 26

Yoga With Jack

Jack is demonstrating proper technique for the downward dog Yoga pose. He learned this from watching his mom do Power 90. He definitely does not have his dad's inflexibility.
I see you!
(FYI -- We were blowing bubbles outside right before this was taken, hence the wet spots on the pants!)

Your Free Ticket To The Gun Show

Tuesday, March 25

How To Properly Care For A Grumpy Bear

You need to give the bear some milk to make sure he's hydrated.
And of course teddy bears love jam. Keep your grumpy bear fed with plenty of sweet things. Then, give him a nap...ducks are optional...(see below)
Hug them both first though.
If the grumpy bear won't go to sleep, rock him for a while.
And hugs and kisses always help. Wait, this all sounds vaguely familiar...

Thanks to Granny Janny, Aunt Susan and Aunt Heidi for the props used in this demonstration.

Easter Morning Duck Feeding

Jack demonstrates proper technique for the ducks and geese. Boy were they happy to see US!
What a QT.
Okay, maybe should have fed him more breakfast...

Jack and I went over to the lake on Easter morning so that Em and Mommy could work out in peace. I thought after feeding Quackers The Creep Duck, he might enjoy feeding a significantly less creepy version.

Before Everyone Is Out of Easter Mode

Creep Duck

Is this duck creepy or not? Jack loves 'Quackers' but I think he's a bit terrifying. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Monday, March 24

Fetus Whisperer Prediction

Well, since my Broseph Joe and his wife Sarah have officially announced their pregnancy, I feel it is my duty to announce that the fetus whisperer believes this one is going to be a:


Do with that information what you will, one and all, but I think it's my duty to tell you I am 9 for 11 overall. And I have a good feeling about this one...

Thanks, Andrea and Brooklyne!

Dear Andrea and Brooklyne,

Thank you both so much for the trike. When my dad showed it to me, I yelled "ME" really loud and immediately got on to ride. I love it. We lowered the seat a little bit but my long legs are still a bit short. But, I guess, that's what dads are for: TO PUSH!

Thanks again good friends!
Jack Jack

Thank You, Easter Bunny!

Jack and his jewelry. Remember those things? Love 'em!
The wind-up bunny was...okay, I'm stealing Emily's words here: TOTES CREEP. But not near as creep as the duck. I'll show you a vid later. You can decide.
Jack hearts the Easter Bunny after his awesome Easter, needless to say!
The bucket says 'chick magnet' in case you're curious.
Look at that loot!

Saturday, March 22

Ye Ole Eastre Egg Hunte

We attended Chaos Central today, aka the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The place was packed and the candy was gone in 60 seconds. It was cray-cray needless to say.
Here, Jack and I picked up the scraps that were left behind.
Putting it in the bucket.

What fun...
And Jack LOVED the Easter Bunny. We pointed him out and he couldn't wait to meet him! Even gave him a hug.
Easter Bunny, Jack and Me. This was mere seconds before my allergies went all haywire and the rest of my day became sniffly.
Then we went to Wal-Mart to get Easter stuff and the Easter Bunny was there too! Jack wasted NO time going up to see his buddy. It helped that the bunny had candy. Jack tried to take the whole basket.
We HEART the Easter Bunny!

Busy Week 3: Playing With Johnner At Fonner

Heeeeeere's Johnny!
Johnny and Jack didn't know each other from Adam, but we heart his 'rents, Nate and Kim, so it could have gone either way with this kid and Jack. Well, as luck would have it, they were quick to make friends. Johnny and Jack played together like they were born to be friends. What a relief! Amy and Jack met Nanci, Kimi and Johnny at Fonner for some chitchat.
Watching the horses. Bein' dudes.
This way, Johnny! BTW, that's Jack's hair AFTER his mom gelled it and fixed it. That calick has a mind of its own.
I wasn't present when this photo was taken, so I don't know the story. There likely isn't an explanation. They are toddlers after all.
IDK my BFF Johnathan.
They decided shoes were unnecessary. Off they went.
Jack helped Johnny put his back on.

Busy Week 2: Jack, Dax, Ian, Owen

So, this photo is very deceiving, I have to admit. It gives the impression that my son was okay with Owen playing with him and his toys. He WASN'T. Owen sure is cute in this photo though. He, his 'rents and TiLynn were over for burgers the other day. We had a blast!
Mommy and TiLynn playing a game. I lost big time.
Sarah and O. I didn't get any photos of Lane, so I know he's gonna be heartbroken 'bout that.
TiLynn got Jack and O each an Easter bucket. It was full of AWESOME stuff (espesh the PEEPS. I love Peeps!) She also gave us a rose that I cannot wait to plant this Spring!
Thanks, Ti!
Dax was also a visitor. He gets more adorb every day. And he's soooo smart! He does a lot of sign too and his vocab is wicked good.
This is Dax's little brother, Ian. He's solid.
Jack warmed up to Dax after a while and they played like champs. Here's Daxamillion going down Jack's slide.

And just so Mr. Selfish doesn't freak out someday, here's a picture of him on his slide. The words 'mine' and 'me' were uttered several times.
Here they are in their playful phase. Mommy got Jack an AWESOME bubble blower. He loves that thing.
Look what I can do!
Good pic, Ame. They look like little big people...or something...
Playing on the stoop, eating cookies. I have a vid I'll post soon.