Wednesday, December 31

Christmas Cookie Cookin'

For our Christmas goody boxes and plates (see explanation below), we made these peanut butter star cookies, chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, salted nut rolls, chex mix, cereal mix and pretzel chocolate M& M doodads.

Ever since Blogger changed their format for loading photos, none of my pics are ever in the right order. If they'd make it easier to move them around that'd be nice, but for now, you'll all just have to deal with the dysfunction of my photo loading efforts. Above is the photo that'll make Tori drool! It's the table full of cereal mix drying in the open air. Jack, Amy and I made boxes and plates of Christmas cookies and other assorted goodies for neighbors, family, friends and a few shut-ins the Saturday before Christmas. I was up into the wee hours of Saturday morning, then got up and got to cooking again and cooked all day Saturday. We handed out the goodies on Sunday after church and before our program (yes, Amy and I sang!) and cause much delight as we passed them around. We REALLY enjoyed making all the goodies and will definitely do it again next year!

Jack was a great deal of help, as you can obviously tell by the photo above.
If you wear the mitts, you're officially in charge, kid.
This photo doesn't belong here at all. Grammy Tami and Gampa Jerry gave Jackles a doctor kit for Christmas. Amy took it with her to the doctor that Monday for his appointment and it really helped with his fear. The nurse would check him and he'd check her. It works really well for all you parents with doctor-phobic chitlins.
Jack's buddy Owen sent this all-too-fitting shirt to him for Christmas. It says, "It's my way or no way."
And now we're baking cookies again! *%#&ing Blogger. 
I don't even remember why he was crying here.
Putting the sugar into the mixing thingy. He had a good time helping out...for about an hour, then moved on to something else.


Sherman said...

Wow. Thanks I'm craving sweets now. Love the oven mitt pic. What a helper!

Ange said...

Wow, to bad you don't live in the same town anymore!!