Wednesday, December 10

Granny Janny's House

Mommy was muy sicko all weekend (and part of this week already too), so Jack and I spent very little time at home in an attempt to avoid her icky mommy germs.
On Saturday, we went to a movie with Granny Janny, Unca Joe, Aunt Sarah, Peyton and Luke then to Tori's game with Heidi and Heather. Sunday, after church, we went to Granny Janny's and chilled there. And this is the only photo I took all weekend. It was naptime and Jack and Granny Janny were both needing their beauty rest. I love the fact that Jack has a Hawaiian Punch 'stache in this pic.
Mommy is still having stomach issues, so we're hoping that clears up soon. It's no fun having a sick mommy.


The Southworth's said...

Sounds like you and Jack had a fun weekend. I hope Amy gets to feeling better soon!!!

sixbehrs said...

Well, I saw her at school today, so she must be somewhat better! I's no fun having a sick mommy.

Anonymous said...


Are you done with GIPS?? Where are you working now? I heard you guys were moving back to your home, but also heard you hadn't gotten out of your contract.

Are you in Palisade? Did you grow up there? Did you know Dennis Potthoff? I worked with him at UNK.

I still check your blog now and then, but it's just to see cute pictures of Jack...

Take care! Merry Christmas!!

Barb Flaherty