Saturday, December 13

An Olde Fashioned Xmas Day

We headed downtown today for Palisade's Old Fashioned Christmas celebration. I was photographing for work, but snapped some photos of Jack and Peyton too. Here, Jack gets his stockingful of goodies from the man in red. He looked up and very enthusiastically shouted, "Thanks, Santa!" It was totes adorkable.
Peytie with Santa Claus. She was pleasin' with some cheesin'.

Jack and I had been discussing what to do when you sit on Santa's lap. He wasn't nervous or shy a bit. Santa asked him what he wanted and he said "cars". (I think he put an order in for Nathan too, Missy). Then he said "Thanks, Santa" again and just kinda sat there talking to him. Any fears I ever had of Jack being shy have disappeared lately. The kid is a jabberbox and will literally talk to ANYONE. know what I want for X-Mas now...nice to meet ya...can I get down now?
When I'm photographing for the paper, I get all kinds of crazy ideas like climbing on top of buildings and stuff like that. I'm only posting this photo, which we won't use for the paper because it's a bit overexed, because I thought it's funny that the two chitlins running around like screaming banshees were the two Vrbas boys' spawn. Whodathunkit?


The Hicks Family said...

Very cute! I can not believe that you climbed to the top of the building to get the last photo! Jack sounds a lot like Josh, he talks to anyone, about anything! He used to be shy, once he got over it, I don't think there is any turning back!

The Wades said...

Perks to working for a paper!! We use the "company" camera all the time!
~~The Wades

Staab Boys said...

Looks like a fun time! We were supposed to go to Stuhr today for our annual Christmas Past & Present visit... too friggin cold! I was bummed. Probably for the best, Sean is sick... again! Enjoy the fun and excitement of the build up to Christmas in the coming week!