Thursday, July 24


The Macaroni 'N Cheese Bandit
for stealin' hearts, bein' sassy, not lettin' Ma and Pa sleep in, skippin' the veggies on his plate, reckless drivin' on his scooter, avoidin' bedtime and general troublemakin' and orneriness.
These are the most recent known photos of the rascal. Click them all to see full view.
If ya know this wily sucker's whereabouts or how to ketch him (other than lettin' on that you have Diego yogurt cups in yer fridge), tell his Pa posthaste.
He's known to be armed but harmless, so go easy on 'im, will ya?


Peyton's Place said...

I actually HAVE Diego yogurt cups in my fridge... wait, I think they're Dora tho' - would that matter? Maybe he'll still come around?

These are too cute Dave! We miss you guys!

The Palisade Vrbi

Blackmans said...

This is so darn cute!

charlie said...

This is absolutely cutest post I have seen! It may have something to do with the little guy! :)

The Hagan Clan said...

OMGOODNESS...those pics are priceless!!!

Cheryl said...

Love that first one!